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We specialize in exclusive Mexican Palm Thatch, Mattings, Rope, Chairs, Patio Furniture and decorations for your backyard. Create your own custom project with our Materials. Our Thatch is the highest quality. We work directly with our craftsmen and eliminate the middle man. Ensuring you that we will beat any competitors price to ensure your business. We sell to both Wholesalers and Retailers. These pre-woven covers are a simple  and are very easy to install.  Create your own tropical paradise in and inexpensive way.

It's Easy and Simple.

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Our Palapas Round Umbrella Covers are handmade and of the utmost quality.



Our handmade Tahitian or known as Hawaiian Panels add the authentic look for your outdoor getaway.


Our Manila Rope comes prepackaged in boxes of 600 feet and is available in 3 different rope diameters.



Check out our Hats and Accessories!

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Our Handmade Thatch Runners are a great addition to your outdoor decor.

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We Offer Lauhala, Bac-Bac, Fine Weave, Lampac and Baca Cloth Matting.



We also offer stools and furniture for your Patio!



We have a wide selection of Tiki decorations for your patio!



Our Handmade Thatch Panels are a great addition to your outdoor decor.



We Offer Bac-Bac and Sea Grass Braid Bindings.



We offer a selection of Wall Decor for your patio area!

For more  Information about Products and Pricing
please contact us at, 909-624-1814.
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