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Tahitian or Hawaiian Thatch

Tahitian or Hawaiian Panels

Our handmade Tahitian or known as Hawaiian Panels add the authentic look for your outdoor getaway. These panels are hand sewn by needle and twine and are made from a Palm that is native to Mexico.

Compared to the Mexican Thatch Panels, they have a different process. The Tahitian or Hawaiian panels are not submerged in boiling water before weaving. They are hand sewn as is in their natural form and are natural in green color.  Depending on the look you’re going for, you can leave it as is and have a fringe edge look or cut the edges for a more clean look.

  • 2 feet x 3 feet

palm 007.jpg
palm 002.jpg
Tahitian or Hawaiian Cone

Our handmade Hawaiian Tops add the authentic look to your outdoor getaway. The Top Cone is added on the top for a finishing touch on you round Palapa.

Hawaiian Top Covers in the following convenient sizes:

  • 4 ft Diameter

Outside of the Hawaiian Cone

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