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Palapas Round

Umbrella Covers

Our Palapas Round Umbrella Covers are handmade and of the utmost quality.

Our Palapas comes in the following sizes:

merchandise 013.jpg
merchandise 016.jpg
  • 16 ft Round

  • 15 ft Round

  • 14 ft Round

  • 12 ft Round

  • 9 ft Round

  • 7 ft Round

Example of an Open Umbrella Cover

merchandise 007.jpg

We also offer Mini Palapas:

  • 2 ft Round


Left: 12ft Round Palapa

Right: 9ft Round Palapa


Inside of Palapa Round Umbrella Cover


Inside of Mini Palapa


Sample of 16, 15, 14 ft Round Palapa Umbrella Cover Packaging


Outside of Palapa Round Umbrella Cover

For more  Information about Products and Pricing
please contact us at, 909-624-1814.
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