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Truly Authentic Palapas

LMIL Palapas™ sells the most authentic Palapa covers in the world, using only the best quality materials and skilled craftsmanship available. We are located out of Montclair, CA and we have been producing quality Palapas for major Hotel/Restaurant chains and other businesses over 14 years.

We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and service we provide to everyone of our customers. We provide unsurpassed service to each and every customer. We work directly with the craftsmen and cut out the middle man to offer you the best quality and lowest prices. We only sell the Materials for you to build your Palapa and do not offer services to install them. It is Easy and Simple to Build Your Own Palapa With Our Palapa Materials.


History & Commitment

LMIL Palapas™ was established in 2005, with the idea of our motto, "Take a Permanent Vacation" in mind. We are well aware of today's busy schedules, work demands, deadlines and family activities consuming the majority of the day, every day, at some point, individuals, couples or families should be able to relax and interact in their own backyard. Where better than under a Palapa, to put you in that "Vacation" Mode.

What are Palapas Covers?

LMIL Palapas™ offers a great selection of Exclusive Mexican Palm Thatch  to give your backyard, tiki bar or outdoor space that tropical look and feel with palm thatching. Easy to install, our palm thatch covers are constructed from the leaves of palms. Palm thatch covers are constructed by taking natural palm leaves, making them into strips and then curing them. They are then woven into what we call "Thatch" to make a number of different products. We offer the best and highest quality of Thatch.

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